Twitter Is Ripping On Donald Trump’s Latest Desperate AF Tweet

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Donald Trump is super in charge, you guys.

Over the weekend, we learned President Drumpf wasn’t even briefed on the executive order he signed that gave key adviser Steve Bannon a seat on the National Security Council — further proving his incompetence at leadership/basic reading comprehension.

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This latest report only perpetuated the fact rumors that Bannon is really the one pulling the strings in the Oval Office.

And the orange POTUS is getting REALLY self-conscious about it!

Early Monday, the compulsive tweeter let everyone know who the REAL boss was on Twitter, writing:

Awww, we can see his delicate ego from here!

Twitter was quick to respond with other examples of those who call their call their own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data — and everyone knows it!

And just like POTUS, these shot takers all severely fucked up their data accumulation with disastrous results:

We think Sophia Bush put it best:

Just let Bannon take the big desk, Trump. Everyone knows it!

[Image via ABC News/WENN.]

Feb 6, 2017 1:06pm PDT

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