BTW, Here Are Those Awkward 11 Tweets Donald Trump Wrote About Kristen Stewart — The Obsession Was Real!

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We regularly lament and decry Donald Trump‘s horrible statements about immigrants, the media, and the world at large, but all Americans can probably agree: it would be worse if he were speaking about us specifically.

That’s what happened to Kristen Stewart, who recalled in this weekend’s hilarious (and partially NSFW) Saturday Night Live monologue the time the future POTUS gave his unsolicited opinion on her love life.

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Did we say the time? Sorry, we meant the times. Plural.

Yep, Trump tweeted ELEVEN times about how he thought Robert Pattinson should dump KStew. And we went and collected them:

Listen to the man with three marriages and double-digit harassment suits under his belt!

A lot. You are wrong a lot.

Oh, the ones who’ve accused you of harassment? Or different ones?

Sounds like the state of another union we know…

It’s a couple of years later. We wonder what R-Patz has to say about Trump…

There is no way anyone was asking him to speak more on this. Unless they were like, “Hey, Donald, can you explain why you’re talking about this?”

Getting so desperate.

At this point, we don’t really think he cares.

Our working theory is that the only genuine tweet is the initial one. Just Trump spouting off his opinion randomly.

It was the adulation he received from it, much like what he gets from crowds cheering his faux populist fear-mongering, that kept him going back to the well, as though he really gave a shit about the stars of a YA sensation.

See? He just loves being talked about.

In case you missed it, here’s Kristen’s whole SNL monologue where she proposes her own theory:

[Image via NBC.]

Feb 6, 2017 4:33pm PDT

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