Lady GaGa’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Was The Second Most Watched In History!

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Hey, at least the silver medal will go with the rest of her outfit!

With an average of 111.3 million live viewers, Super Bowl LI was a slight ratings disappointment, just below last year and over three million below 2015’s 114.4 mil.

But as usual, we’re less interested in the average and more in the spike that is the halftime show!

Video: Best Super Bowl Halftime Performers Ever!

Lady GaGa‘s acrobatic antics brought some extra eyeballs to the big game, scoring an amazing 117.5 million viewers, enough to get her second place of all time!

While coming in second is terrible for teams playing in the Super Bowl, it’s pretty damn good out of 51 acts. So who’s the reigning champ? It’s…

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Katy Perry, whose 2015 halftime show scored 118.5!

Probably a million extra who just wanted to see what that left shark was up to… Ha!

Great job, GaGa!

Feb 6, 2017 6:37pm PDT

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