Sean Spicer Has Some Notes For Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Impression Of Him

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Saturday Night Live has been hitting the Donald Trump administration hard since the election, and press secretary Sean Spicer isn’t exactly flattered by his portrayal.

On Saturday, Melissa McCarthy stopped by to play the White House Press Secretary in a hilarious sketch, in which the Emmy-winner skewered Spicer’s ball-of-stress demeanor at press conferences.

The sketch was a highlight of the episode (hosted by Kristen Stewart), with an angry-eyed McCarthy using her over the top comedic stylings to play the perfect Spicer.

But the next day, the real Spicer commented on the Ghostbusters star’s impression of him — and surprise, surprise — he has a few critiques.

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Spicer spoke to Extra at the Super Bowl on Sunday to give his take on SNL‘s incarnation of him — which apparently caught him by surprise.

Drumpf’s verbal garbage disposal explained he heard about the sketch while leaving church Sunday morning, saying his phone was blowing up so much he thought there was a national emergency.

Spicer told Extra he thought McCarthy’s impression of him was a little too… well, extra — and advised that the comedienne “could dial back” a bit.

Though he admitted it was a “funny” show, he wasn’t a fan of McCarthy taking shots at his penchant for swallowing gum, saying she “needs to slow down on the gum chewing; way too many pieces in there.”

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As for Alec Baldwin‘s impersonation of the president, Spicer thinks the veteran actor has gotten too “mean,” explaining:

“Alec has gone from funny to mean, and that’s unfortunate. ‘SNL’ used to be really funny. There’s a streak of meanness now that they’ve crossed over to mean.”

We think it’s funny that the administration who gives so little fucks about tearing immigrant families apart is so sensitive over a silly sketch comedy show. Someone get Spicer some gum so he can chew away his problems!

What did YOU think of Melissa’s impression?

[Image via C-SPAN/NBC.]

Feb 6, 2017 10:12am PDT

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