Pink Sounds Off On Haters Saying Lady GaGa Copied Her Flying Act At The Super Bowl!

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She was Fuckin’ Perfect, okay?

Lady GaGa has been getting a lot of attention for her phenomenal Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday, but not everyone had positive things to say.

In case you missed it, the Million Reasons singer kicked off her 13-minute set by dropping from the roof of the stadium before twirling and flipping while suspended in the air.

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But some viewers were less than impressed with the aerial entrance, and even claimed GaGa ripped off fellow show-woman Pink‘s signature trapeze act!

Well, the rocker herself caught wind of these comparisons and made it clear she had nothing but love for GaGa’s acrobatic performance!

The 37-year-old silenced the haters in an Instagram post on Monday, writing:

“Lady Gaga killed it yesterday. Her voice was powerful and beautiful, her outfits were on point, choreography stellar, her heart was in it and she sang about love and inclusiveness, all in front of millions and millions of people… Let’s celebrate a woman who has the guts to jump off a roof and stand up there in the first place.”

The Try songstress added that it was unfair for fans to claim that she “flew first,” because other acrobats have “been in the air for years!”

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But Pink’s message of love ended on a fiery note, as she encouraged fans to focus on the “real controversy” of Donald Trump “stipping away our humanity.”

Did U think GaGa copied Pink? See the singer’s full post (below)!

#womensupportingwomen #happymonday #letsnotgetdistractedA photo posted by P!NK (@pink) on Feb 6, 2017 at 1:34pm PST

[Image via ABC/FOX.]

Feb 7, 2017 2:07pm PDT

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