Sean Spicer’s Venmo Account Is Public & Now The Internet Is Trolling Him For Money!!

It's still public!

We can’t make this stuff up!

As if Melisa McCarthy‘s SNL impersonation of Sean Spicer wasn’t funny enough, it turns out the White House Press Secretary’s Venmo account is actually public!

So as of now, anyone can pay or charge him money — but mostly everyone’s been charging him. LOLz!

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You can believe Twitter is having the most fun with it as users have been uploading screenshots of their charges. From medical bills to cinnamon gum, these requests are too good!

Ch-ch-check them all out (below):

We have a feeling Spicer is going to be declining a whole lot of charges after this!

But hey, we’re sure he has the time!

[Image via Media Punch.]

Feb 7, 2017 5:45pm PST

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