Another Day, Another Lawsuit For Tyga!

tyga sued by process server

The lawsuits just don’t stop coming for Tyga!

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Kylie Jenner‘s beau is facing ANOTHER lawsuit, and no, it has nothing to do with unpaid bills and/or rent. Apparently, a process server faced the wrath of the Rack City rapper’s entourage after he served the 27-year-old with some legal documents.

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According to TMZ, the alleged victim gave T-Raww the paperwork as the Hookah artist was walking into his birthday party at The Penthouse nightclub back in November. It’s said someone in Tyga’s squad “grabbed, yanked, pulled, and choked” the process server.

To make matters worse, there is video evidence of the scene going down. Oh, and the complainant claims the up-and-comer gave the okay for the assault. C’mon, Tyga! Aren’t you already in enough trouble, bud??

Although, it appears as though the unnamed victim has a petty side, as he made sure to call Tyga a “minor” celebrity who is best known for his social life. Oh snap!

Still, after Miz Jenner’s man almost had several luxury cars repossessed and had to settle a $200k jewelry debt suit, we feel like the father-of-one has become accustomed to being sued. Not to mention, even if the victim DOES win this lawsuit, we’re not sure Tyga has the money to pay him!


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Feb 8, 2017 10:51am PDT

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