Hey, Trump, Shut Up About The Fucking Election Already!

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People accuse Democrats of being crybabies about the election. It seems like we hear, “You lost, get over it,” every time we criticize one of Donald Trump‘s idiotic policies.

But you know who REALLY won’t stop whining about the election? The WINNER!

Trump will seriously not shut the fuck about the imaginary widespread voter fraud that stopped him from winning more than he already did.

Video: Even Fox News Can’t Pretend To Support Trump’s Obsession With Voter Fraud!

According to sources speaking to Politico, President Drumpf took time in a closed door meeting with Senators — which was supposed to be about convincing Democrats to back Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorusch — to ring the bell once again.

This time, he claimed thousands of voters were bussed from Massachusetts to vote illegally in New Hampshire, causing him and Senator Kelly Ayotte to lose in that state.

Obviously, the POTUS had absolutely no evidence for the outrageous claim. As usual.

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There was reportedly “an uncomfortable silence” after Trump made the remark, as well as after he told Ayotte, who openly criticized him for attacking the Muslim parents of a Gold Star soldier (that was way back at scandal #17 if you were counting):

“You’d have won if you’d been on my train.”


Trump is going to keep beating the voter fraud drum. And you know why??

Because he’s more interested in continuing to run for President than actually BEING President!

You know what, Donald?

You won! Get over it!

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Feb 10, 2017 8:59pm PDT

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