Mischa Barton Spotted Drinking & Partying Until 3 A.M. As Extremely Disturbing 911 Calls Surface

Mischa Barton

This is extremely concerning.

As we reported, Mischa Barton had a bit of a scare last month when she was hospitalized after exhibiting very bizarre behavior the morning after she celebrated her birthday with friends.

Following the incident, the 31-year-old claimed someone drugged her drink with GHB, which is why she says she was acting so erratically.

Now, TMZ has obtained two 911 calls from the night in question — which seem to paint a different picture.

According to one of the celeb’s neighbors, authorities are called to Barton’s home “every couple of months because she loses it.”

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The female caller says:

“She’s screaming and she just keeps on saying ‘I want to die’ and then she’s like ‘I’m going to kill myself’ and then she just keeps on, yeah, it’s all nonsensical. But I’m very concerned. They’ve been called there a bunch. They go see her at least every couple of months because she loses it.”

Another male neighbor told the dispatcher:

“I have a neighbor who’s on her back patio just screaming. She’s saying that it’s all over, that everything is done and then just wailing. I mean, she’s hanging half over her back fence right now.”

Listen to the disturbing 911 calls (below):


And if that doesn’t raise enough concern, Miz Barton was spotted out and about this week partying this week until 3 a.m. at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood, where she was photographed drinking, smoking, and playing pool with pals.

We hope that’s all!

We will keep you updated as we keep an eye on the actress.

[Image via IPA/WENN.]

Feb 10, 2017 12:20pm PST

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