‘Cash Me Ousside’… Talking To The Cops!

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Well, uh, this is something.

The Cash Me Ousside girl — Danielle Bregoliapparently doesn’t just have a problem with air travel… she’s got a problem with everybody!

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According to a report dropped overnight by TMZ, Bregoli and her mom have had the police come to their door 51 times in the last twelve-month period. Yeah, you read that right: FIFTY-ONE TIMES in one year.

The numbers themselves are shocking, and so are the calls themselves, including this nice little list of reasons why the Florida cops keep cashing them, uh, inside:

— Ten domestic incidents

— Seven missing juvenile/runaway calls

— Seven calls on verbal threats

— Three disturbance calls

— One call for theft

— One call for fraud

— One call for “lewd and lascivious conduct”

— At least one call involving an animal

Uh… OK then!

So things haven’t been great for the Cash Me Ousside girl, but at least they aren’t afraid to get the cops involved when need be? Silver linings, and all?

Yikes!!! Then again, when you consider how she got famous in the first place… maybe not a huge surprise here.


Feb 11, 2017 1:59pm PDT

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