Stumpy-Fingered Old Man Scribbles In Diary

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We’ve all been looking at this Twitter thing wrong, at least as it relates to Donald Trump.

Suuuuure, he’s doing it in a totally inappropriate way, and suuuuuure, it’s unbecoming of a President to call out everything from businesses to federal court judges using the service when you’re an elected official, but what if Trump doesn’t know Twitter is public?

Like, what if this poor old guy thinks it’s a personal diary or something?

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No, seriously.

Read these tweets (below), but put the words “Dear Diary” in front of them:

See??? And that’s just from today!! Think back to how he’s criticized Saturday Night Live, or what he said about the “so-called” judge.

Maybe next week he’ll write in his diary what he thinks about Valentine’s Day?? LOLz!!

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And none of these tweets really have any purpose. We already know what Trump is doing thanks to the 24/7 press coverage given to the President by the traveling press pool — so it’s not like he’s making news here.

Instead, maybe The Donald is just using Twitter as his own personal diary, so he doesn’t forget all the flashy things he gets to see and do as President.

Otherwise, what is he even doing?!

Feb 11, 2017 7:19pm PDT

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