J.K. Rowling Just Owned Piers Morgan On Twitter

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Too bad, so sad, Piers Morgan!

The always controversial British TV host got his ass handed to him on Twitter over the last few hours, fresh off a controversial appearance on Bill Maher‘s HBO show last night — and the tweets today are FIRE.

J.K. Rowling specifically is calling out Piers for his bad takes on — and support of — Donald Trump, and you’ve got to see it all to believe it!

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It all started on Maher’s show last night, when comedian Jim Jefferies demolished Piers regarding Trump’s Muslim ban, which you can see in a highlighted clip (below):


That set off a firestorm of arguments, as you might imagine, but it also set off Rowling, who didn’t hold back in giving her opinion about Trump — and Piers — with a Harry Potter twist!!

Here’s what she tweeted (below):


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Now, Piers is a sensitive little man (just like his buddy Donald Trump!!!), and so that set him off. The two tweeted back and forth for a few hours, the likes of which can all be seen (below):

Exhausting, but always refreshing, to see Piers Morgan get owned!!!

At press time, he’s still stammering away and trying to attack every living soul on Twitter — you know, the typical Piers “please pay attention to me” Morgan kind of behavior we’ve all come to know.

Count one for Rowling!

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Feb 11, 2017 3:57pm PDT

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