Kellyanne Conway? Sean Spicer? Meet Stephen Miller, Donald Trump’s Newest ‘Alternative Facts’ Guy, As He Blatantly Lies About Voter Fraud

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Unless you’re a hardcore political junkie, you probably don’t know who Stephen Miller is quite yet — but that’ll change today.

That’s because Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, made the rounds on the TV political talk shows this morning and went the whole way through pretty much lying his face off about non-existent voter fraud.

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Trump himself loved Miller’s morning talk show interviews, even tweeting about the advisor’s television appearances today (below):

But the rest of the world definitely didn’t love it, and now, Miller is taking a ton of heat for, uh, stretching the truth.

But let’s go back and start at the beginning — here’s Miller sharing “alternative facts” about voter fraud on ABC this morning:

Voter fraud? In New Hampshire?

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Not so fast, says somebody who might know — a Senator from New Hampshire.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen was pissed about those comments, and tweeted (below):

Pretty direct!!!

And it’s not just Shaheen … after going on Meet The Press and doing much of the same bizarre lying about voter fraud, as well as the court system regarding Trump’s overturned immigration ban, people all over Twitter and elsewhere started realizing Miller’s bizarre actions and words:

And the clincher:


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Funny tweets aside, though, Miller is what happens when you fill a White House staff with complete and total liars and charlatans — which is exactly what Trump has been doing, of course.


[Image via ABC.]

Feb 12, 2017 2:14pm PST

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