Mischa Barton Involved In Bizarre U-Haul Crash

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The former star of The O.C. is back in the news again, and for all the weird reasons — this time, over a U-Haul accident.

Mischa Barton crashed into an apartment building on Friday night with her U-Haul truck.

Yes — like, literally right into an apartment building.

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Word has it Barton had moved out of her West Hollywood apartment on Wednesday, and was driving to another building in the area late last night to move in her stuff when she misjudged the height of the carport and slammed the U-Haul into the top of it.


TMZ reports that she was pretty shaken after the crash, and she mentioned everything she owns is in that U-Haul, but what’s even more weird is the timetable of events here.

She moved out of an old apartment Wednesday, and didn’t move into her new one until… last night? So she spent two full days driving the U-Haul around El Lay before getting a new place?

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All signs point to both Barton and all of her stuff being OK, though, so that’s good.

[Image via Winston Burris/WENN.]

Feb 12, 2017 10:54am PDT

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