Justin Trudeau Uses His Yoga Muscles To Beat Donald Trump At His Asshole Handshake Game! Watch!

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We love Justin Trudeau so much! Nous aimons Trudeau tellement!

(Did we do that right?)

The dreamy Canadian Prime Minister met with Donald Trump today, and he got things started on the right foot, which is to say with his mighty right hand!

To understand this story, you first have to know how asshole alpha male Drumpf shakes people’s hands.

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In a move right out of Sun Tzu (or possibly Jane Goodall), Trump has a way of asserting his dominance by gripping with his tiny hands and JERKING guys toward him.

Ch-ch-check out the supercut (below) assembled by John Oliver for Sunday’s Last Week Tonight to see what we’re talking about:

But the Canadian PM is a former bouncer who works out on the reg. You may remember this photo of him holding his entire body in a yoga pose while gripping the edge of a table.

Not only is he strong; he also saw that shit coming. Here’s what happened when Trump tried to pull his weird handshake on Trudeau:

Ha! See Trump trying to pull and getting totally shut down?

How dominant was Trudeau’s shake? Enough that Trump didn’t even try the jerk the second time around!

And we weren’t the only ones who noticed! See the amazing reactions as Twitter explodes with laughter at President Tinyhands’ defeat!

Of course, Trudeau didn’t just outmaneuver Trump with his hands. He used his mouth too.

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When speaking jointly to the press, the PM got in some shade at the POTUS simply by describing how Canada is NOT acting out the policies of a lunatic, saying:

“We continue to pursue our policies of openness toward immigration, refugees without compromising security.”

Keep resisting, everyone! Continuer à résister, tout le monde!

Feb 13, 2017 3:32pm PDT

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