Justin Trudeau Staring At Trump’s Baby Hand Becomes An Instant Internet Sensation!

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This presidency has been gold for jokes — which is fucking sad to be honest!

But at least we can obtain a certain amount of joy when a gem like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau awkwardly starring at Donald Trump‘s tiny hand becomes a thing!

This was actually the moment right before an actual handshake, but the picture is all of us right now. ALL OF US.

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While Twitter had it’s own field day with the photo (above) on Monday, we had our own meme-ing in mind! Check out what we came up with and LOL as hard as we did!

Since we’re sure the size of his dick will come up in an address to the nation sooner or later:

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Baby fruit for baby hands, big boy!

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*Billy Bush heard fearfully yelping in the distance*

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And he’s STILL trying to sell Ivanka Trump‘s products after the Nordstrom dump. Get over it, Donny!

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Social media had stellar reactions as well. Ch-ch-check out the best (below)!

No idea what tomorrow brings, but we’re sure Drumpf can be used as a punching bag!

[Image via AP Images.]

Feb 13, 2017 5:41pm PDT

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