Kellyanne Conway Just Said ‘Love You’ To A Self-Proclaimed White Nationalist On Twitter

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Kellyanne Conway just said “love you” to a self-proclaimed white nationalist on Twitter. Yep, really.

Let’s back up.

It all started when Donald Trump‘s “counselor” (who is often counseled herself) did a press tour this morning making ZERO sense when trying to explain the former NSA Michael Flynn‘s resignation.

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The political commentator found her first fan in Twitter user Lib Hypocrisy, who sent Kellyanne praise over social media saying:

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Miz Conway responded to her No. 1 fan by not only retweeting the positive feedback to her profile, but she also responded with “love you back” while shouting out her haters:

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This love fest wouldn’t be so alarming if Kellyanne didn’t just PUBLICLY CONFESS her admiration for someone who not only LOVES Steve Bannon but whose bio literally includes the hashtags “#WhiteIdentity” and “#Nationalist”:

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In response, Kellyanne told Buzzfeed News she has NO IDEA who posted that from her account:

“I don’t know who had access to my account. Let me see who tweeted that. That’s terrible. I denounce whoever it is. It will be immediately deleted. Everybody makes mistakes.”

Hahahaha….. hahahaha.

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Seriously guys, when are we going to stop putting up with this bullshit???

This corrupt administration continues to promote and support white supremacists! It’s ENOUGH!

Feb 14, 2017 6:13pm PST

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