YouTube Is ALSO Cutting Business Ties With PewDiePie!

pewdiepie dropped youtube

It sucks to be PewDiePie!

As we previously reported, the YouTuber (whose real name is Felix Kjellberg) lost his business partnership with Disney‘s Maker Studios after posting several videos which featured anti-Semitic content. Gross.

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However, it appears as though Disney isn’t the only business partner Mr. Kjellberg is losing as YouTube has officially canceled the second season of Felix’s reality show, Scare PewDiePie. In fact, the Google-owned video platform has also removed the 27-year-old’s channel from their premium advertising tier, named Google Preferred.

Despite being the most followed person on YouTube, Felix has been dropped by both business for hiring two men to hold up a sign on camera which read “Death to All Jews.” The controversial vid was initially posted on January 11, and was reportedly taken down by PewDiePie himself. Still, between August 2016 and now, Felix uploaded NINE videos which allegedly contained anti-Semitic jokes or imagery related to Nazism. He’s the literal worst.

While defending their decision to “end [their] affiliation” with the famous gamer, a Maker Studios rep shared that they felt PewDiePie “went too far” with his content. Preach!

However, fans are rallying around the Internet sensation amid his latest controversy. One follower even defended on Facebook:

“…he’s an entertainer he’s no different than any other comedian making racist sexist and religion jokes when you walk into a comedy club you should keep in mind it’s just a JOKE and not serious.”

Ummm, no, racist and/or sexist jokes are NOT okay. Just because they’ve been tolerated in the past doesn’t mean we should encourage hateful content in the present. Smh.

What do YOU think? Is PewDiePie getting a tough break?

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Feb 14, 2017 11:32am PDT

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