Piers Morgan’s Own Son Is On J.K. Rowling’s Side! See The Latest Valentine’s Day Shots!

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Is it wrong to thoroughly enjoy such a one-sided battle? Because we are living for J.K. Rowling dragging professional antagonist Piers Morgan!

The feud started over Morgan’s odd support for Donald Trump, but it’s evolved into its own beautiful little war — one that’s turned Piers’ own son against him!

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On Valentine’s Day, the Harry Potter author delivered a massacre of a sick Twitter burn, writing:

Why was this bit of flattery so shady?

Because it was written by Piers himself! He had glowing words for her as part of his 2010 list of “100 British Celebrities That Really Matter” — but of course that was before she got on his bad side.

The Good Morning Britain host responded to the jab — proof of his almost Quirrell-like two-faced nature — with a pretty weak retort:

It’s no wonder even Piers’ own son is on J.K.’s side!

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Yep, right after the initial skirmish over the weekend, Spencer Morgan showed off his Deathly Hallows tattoo, tweeting:


Just to make sure the point was not missed by his dense dad, he shared a couple more over the next few days:

Piers wasn’t happy about that at all!

He wrote back:


OF COURSE Piers would keep fighting even against his own kin. We mean, what else does he even do??

[Image via ITV/Joe Alvarez/Twitter.]

Feb 15, 2017 3:04pm PDT

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