Shit — Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Might Get Off On A Technicality!

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So scary!

Sandra Bullock had one of the most harrowing experiences we can imagine when she came face-to-face with a stalker back in June 2014.

A black-clad Joshua Corbett had scaled two gates and broken into Bullock’s home with a love note that said things like:

“You are my wife by law, the law of God and belong to me.”

Scary stuff.

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Sandra hid in the closet and called the police. Thankfully they arrived and arrested Corbett before anything happened.

But what looked like an open-and-shut case a couple years ago may not be so simple — and Corbett might be getting out a lot sooner than expected!

A California state appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the LAPD searched the suspect’s home illegally, so the cache of illegal automatic weapons they found is probably getting thrown out!

Apparently, police only searched his home, including a gun safe, after he gave them the location of the weapons during an interrogation — during which he repeatedly asked to be allowed to remain silent, per his Miranda rights.

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Unfortunately, that means all the answers he gave up are inadmissible, as is the evidence gathered based on them.

During the interrogation, Corbett reportedly said he hadn’t intended to harm “Sandy” (as he referred to her), he just wanted to keep her safe, saying:

“I don’t think people protect her well enough.”


The ruling could end up with only 2 of the 26 felony charges against Corbett remaining. He has been in county jail since his arrest as the appeals process continues.

Could he get out??

Thankfully, defense attorneys say they’re looking for mental health treatment rather than incarceration.

What do YOU think??

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Feb 15, 2017 7:45pm PDT

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