Sofia Vergara Wants Her Embryo Drama With Ex Nick Loeb To Be Done Once & For All!

sofia sues nick

Sofia Vergara is putting her ex, Nick Loeb, in his place.

As you surely know, the former flames went head-to-head in court for a couple years over frozen embryos they created while they were still together back in 2013. Now the Modern Family actress wants to officially block her ex from EVER getting his hands on the embryos. Oh dang!

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According to TMZ, the 44-year-old has asked the court to officially block the businessman from taking control of the embryos as she’s concerned he’ll bring them to term without her consent. Honestly, what a smart legal move. We mean, look what happened to Sherri Shepherd — and the embryo used to create Lamar Sally Jr. wasn’t even hers biologically!

In new legal documents, Joe Manganiello‘s wife accuses Loeb of voluntarily dismissing his case against her so that he could potentially refile in the future. However, even if Nick tries to once again get control of the embryos, he signed a contract which states the 41-year-old is not allowed to bring them to term without Sofia’s permission. Thus, the requested court order protects Vergara from getting wrapped up in ANOTHER unnecessary lawsuit.

Oh, and the mother-of-one also wants some money for the legal ringer Nick’s put her through.

In case you forgot, after dropping his initial suit, Nick filed a right-to-live lawsuit in Louisiana on behalf of the female fertilized eggs (named Emma and Isabella). At the time, the Tulane University grad expressed his interest in getting sole custody of Emma and Isabella so that he could implant them in a surrogate and give them a trust he had already put aside for them. Whoa.

Mr. Loeb really is the ex from Hell, isn’t he??? Fingers crossed a judge will be sympathetic to Sofia’s side of the story!

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Feb 15, 2017 10:45am PST

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