The Congressional Black Caucus Responds To Donald Trump With One Perfect Tweet

Donald Trump has no idea what the CBC is.

Donald Trump is the epitome of unprofessionalism!

The moldering squash held a ridiculous press conference today that left people scratching their heads with mouths agape, as he insisted he’d inherited “a mess” and realized he is apparently now a politician. We’re still not sure we’d consider him one.

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But perhaps especially memorable was the moment when April D. Ryan, a black reporter with American Urban Radio Networks, questioned him about the Congressional Black Caucus, to which Trump replied asking her to set up a meeting.

“Are they friends of yours?”!!!!!???? As if all black people just magically know each other!

Well, the CBC has responded to the bloviating buffoon, calling him out for requesting a meeting when they were the ones who sent him a letter on January 19. A letter to which Trump never responded!

See their tweet (below)!

So. Much. Face. Palm.

Sounds like Trump’s presidency is the one in “chaos” and “turmoil” and that he’s creating the mess himself. Sad.

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 16, 2017 4:14pm PDT

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