Donald Trump Wants You To Know He ‘Inherited A Mess’! Get The Deets From His Crazy Press Conference!

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Donald Trump has been a busy boy! So busy, in fact, that we couldn’t possibly understand!

The president raved and ranted his way through another press conference on Thursday where he barked out the tracks off his greatest hits album — from the “dishonest media” to Hillary Clinton‘s “incompetence.”

He also made sure everyone knew he “inherited a mess” of a country!

Trump kicked things off by bragging about how productive he has been draining the White House swamp and filling it with toxic billionaire sludge monsters like Rex Tillerson and Betsy DeVos in his cabinet.

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As for his new Secretary of Labor pick Alexander Acosta, Trump wasn’t concerned with congress blocking his nominee this time, simply saying “he’ll get there one way or another.” Well, that’s sort of frightening.

Trump also made sure to mention he was busy bulking up our “depleted” military and would be issuing a new executive action next week to protect the U.S. from all the bad guys like ISIS and drug dealers from Mexico.

But we all know Trump’s true enemies were the reporters in the press room — and this time, POTUS really let the dishonest media have it for reporting on FAKE news about the REAL leaks coming out of his administration. Wait, what?

Trump said that despite reports claiming otherwise, his administration “is running like a finely tuned machine,” and the press is just butthurt over Clinton’s loss. Hmm├óΓé¼┬ª we’ve heard that one before, Donny.

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Speaking on Michael Flynn‘s scandal involving illegal phone calls with Russia, Trump said the former national security adviser was “just doing his job” and the press should be ashamed of themselves for making a big stink out of it. WHAT?

After reporters questioned how Trump could say the leaks are real but the news about them his fake, the businessman explained that HE knows the truth because he’s been involved, but the public is a different story.

He also dropped this wisdom:

“The news is fake because so much of the news is fake.”

So very insightful!

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As for his team’s contact with Russia, Trump would NOT definitively state whether anyone on his campaign was in contact with the nation state after being asked multiple times.

And to cap it all off, Trump shut down a reporter from a Jewish publication about rising anti-Semitism because it was “not a fair question.”

Um… you can’t control the questions you get in these things, Drumpf! Unless you want to call yourself a fascist dictator.

[Image via CNN.]

Feb 16, 2017 2:54pm PDT

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