Martial Arts Instructor Shows How To Defend Oneself Against Donald Trump’s ‘Arm Drag’ Handshake!

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Don’t let POTUS grab you by the phalanges!

Many have noticed that every time Donald Trump meets with politicians and dignitaries, he tries to exert his dominance by forcefully shaking their hands.

The predatory president has been mocked for the way he holds onto the unlucky recipient’s hand for way too long, then tugging on the person’s arm like he’s trying to take it back with him to the Oval Office.

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But now, you don’t have to be a Canadian strongman like Justin Trudeau to defend yourself against an aggressive Trump-style handshake!

The Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy just posted a video tutorial on how to combat an “arm drag handshake” from pussy grabbers like Drumpf.

Fourth-degree black belt Robin Gieseler says he was compelled to share the technique after seeing a clip of Trump’s handshakes.

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The instructor demonstrates the wristlock he calls a “goose neck,” which will allow the user to break away when receiving a Trump-esque handshake.

After going through the motions, Gieseler jokingly tells the Secret Service “if I meet the president, I probably won’t wristlock him.”

Ha! We would pay to see that!

Ch-ch-check out the instructional video (below)!

[Image via WENN/YouTube.]

Feb 17, 2017 2:22am PDT

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