Donald Trump Says He Is Committed To Women In His Version Of A Fireside Chat — Yep, A Facebook Live Video

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Waaake us up when Donald Trump‘s presidency ends.

Instead of talking about women’s right on a big stage, like we don’t know, maybe a press conference or something — Drumpf chose to chat about his commitment to the advancement of women entrepreneurs and business leaders via Facebook Live on Friday.

Oh goodie.

In a pre-taped video called his “weekly adress,” POTUS began by making sure you know about all the “major” steps he’s taken to get rid of “wasteful regulations” in hopes of helping Americans to get “back to work.”

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Then, the pussy grabber changed the topic to women, saying:

“To truly succeed as a country, we must realize our full potential of women in our economy. As president, I am committed to ensuring women entrepreneurs have equal access to the capitol, markets and networks of support that they need.”

We’d be all for this if he wasn’t always seemingly talking out of his ass.

He added:

“This is a priority for my administration. I campaigned on helping women in the workforce and we are going to deliver on that promise.”

Did he campaign on that? Must’ve missed that…

Watch the full address (if you can stomach it) — (below)!!

Meanwhile, women everywhere are planning to strike against everything Trump stands for on March 8. Be there or be square.

Feb 17, 2017 2:36pm PDT

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