Aaron Carter Involved In Bizarre Post-Concert Brawl — Get All The Weird Details HERE!

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This is a weird story…

Aaron Carter got attacked by another musician after a performance on Friday night, and it all stems from that other artist believing Carter directed a racial slur his way. What the what?!

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Carter was performing last night at a place called the Looney Bin in Bradley, Illinois when the night’s opening act — an artist called ILL State — walked through the audience and started grabbing people’s phones to shoot video.

An eyewitness reported to TMZ that security removed the guy pretty quickly (way to go, opening act…), but as he was getting kicked out, Aaron allegedly yelled “Bye Felipe” at him — a simple take off of the popular “Bye Felicia.”

ILL State, who is apparently Hispanic, took offense to that and allegedly ran back in to attack Aaron.

In the ensuing melee, Carter’s computer and a speaker were damaged, and a bloody Aaron had to go to the hospital.

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He sounds OK now, though, all things considered:

And for what it’s worth, Aaron strongly denies any racist connotations that have come from the “Bye Felipe” moment:

Cops are apparently still investigating, but from what it sounds like, sure seems to be a tough night to perform in Bradley, Illinois.

Looks like Carter is supposed to perform again at the Looney Bin on Sunday night — we’ll see what ends up happening.

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Feb 18, 2017 11:46am PDT

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