What Boycott?! Ivanka Trump Has The Best-Selling Perfumes On Amazon Right Now!

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This is a bit of a surprise, especially considering all the companies that very publicly declined to carry Ivanka Trump‘s products over the last few weeks!

The First Daughter’s perfumes are selling like crazy on Amazon.com right now, with her products having taken the top two best-selling spots on the site’s beauty section — whoa!!

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Her Eau de Parfum Spray for Women and Ivanka Trump For Women Roller Ball are the top two best sellers on the site right now — and judging by the comments section for the products on Amazon itself, there’s no shortage of controversy with them!

As of early Saturday, many users commented that they “support Ivanka” in the review sections of the product, while others comment on “bigotry, white nationalism, and fake news.”

One user — a woman named Miranda Taylor — wrote on the site, according to Fortune, the following message:

“We don’t have a lot extra but we felt we needed to show our support for our President and his family. If buying a $15 perfume helps just a little in sending a message to those companies that are caving in to the left and their intolerant hate of OUR President then so be it.”

Using your last few bucks to buy Ivanka Trump’s perfumes… OK then!

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Regardless, there’s no question Donald Trump‘s business interests — and those of his children, like Ivanka — have become highly politicized now that he’s President.


[Image via CBS.]

Feb 18, 2017 7:44pm PDT

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