Selena Gomez Is Tired Of Being Defined By Who She Dates!

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Girl power alert!!

Selena Gomez is apparently over it as far as being defined only by who she’s dating is concerned, and she’s tired of being “lost in the shadow” of a relationship while her career achievements are overlooked!

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There’s an interesting report this morning in TMZ that’s sourced to people “close to” the singer that claim she’s over being only defined by who her boyfriend is, and not how much she’s achieved in her entertainment career, and it specifically centers on Justin Bieber!

Selena allegedly thinks it’s time for Justin to completely move on from his little obsession with her, which is a big part of the problem — with Justin the way he is, everybody on social media apparently keeps tying Selena back to him instead of just to her music.

As for her new beau, The Weeknd, she’s already taking steps to not be so close to him — as in not attending the Grammys last weekend with him so as not to present herself as his arm candy alone.

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Good for her for realizing how young women too often get portrayed in Hollywood — and everybody knows she’s got herself a hell of a music career — so let’s see how this whole thing works out!

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Feb 19, 2017 10:56am PDT

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