Aaron Carter Speaks Out On Being Attacked Over Racist Comment & Says It Was Really Due To ‘Jealousy’!

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Aaron Carter wants you to know exactly why he got beat up this weekend.

The Sooner or Later singer was attacked after his Friday night concert in Illinois by a Hispanic musician, who punched the former child star twice in the head for taunting him by saying “Bye Felipe.”

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Well, the 29-year-old took to Twitter on Sunday to assure his fans a few things — that he was “still pretty” following the attack, and that it was totally prompted not by racism, but “jealousy”!

In a very Donald Trump-esque tweet, Carter noted that the artist ILL State, threw punches out of envy, writing:

We mean, so do comments that the recipient takes as racist even if you don’t. But sure, jealousy is a good scapegoat!

The pop singer also explained that his comments weren’t meant to be racist, specifically referencing love for his Mexican manager, fans, and ex-girlfriend. He added:

And because he’s just really thorough like that, Carter also found some receipts on his attacker, blasting ILL State for hypocritically calling Tyga and The Game n-words in an old tweet:

Of course, the real lesson Aaron wants us to learn from this is how humble he is. He wrote:

No, we don’t think Carter is actually racist.

But if he really wants to make a comeback in the current socio-political climate, he should probably be a little lot more woke.

[Image via Aaron Carter/Instagram.]

Feb 20, 2017 11:21am PDT

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