Dementia, & Dementia Alone, Is To Blame For David Cassidy’s Memory Struggles

david cassidy talks dementia diagnosis

Setting the record straight!

After David Cassidy struggled to remember the words to a song he’s been singing for almost 50 years, many fans believed his struggles with alcoholism had resurfaced. However, The Partridge Family alum has since revealed that he’s battling dementia.

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In fact, Mr. Cassidy is vehement that his troubling performance had everything to do with the memory loss disease and NOT his past addiction to alcohol. During a candid chat with People, the 66-year-old explained:

“I was concerned people would mistake my alcoholism with my diagnosis. It’s a tricky business.”

What a tough break!

However, we can’t really blame fans for immediately thinking David had once again relapsed. In case you forgot, the former teen heartthrob has had a ton of health and legal troubles over the past decade — including DUI charges in 2010, 2013, and 2014. Oof.

While David claims he has been “pretty much” sober since his rehab stint 2014, the industry vet notes he has previously self medicated, especially during his darkest days. He continued:

“I remember times in my life that I wouldn’t speak to another person for a few months. I was fine with it.”

So sad. When asked if he regrets anything about his rise to fame, the songwriter concluded:

“The list of things I’ve done that I wish I wouldn’t have would be so long that I couldn’t possibly share it.”

Oh man. Still, it takes a lot of bravery to own up to past mistakes, and we couldn’t be prouder of David for opening up about his scary dementia battle. We’re thinking of you, bud!

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Feb 21, 2017 2:42pm PST

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