Would YOU Don A Disguise & Spy On Your Bestie’s First Date?!

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What do you do when your bestie has a first date??

Spy on them, of course!

That’s exactly what 18-year-old Georgia Hoyer did when she was called off work and her BFF Dawsyn Eubanks, 19, mentioned she was heading out on a date.

After purchasing a mustache (a disguise is key!), Miz Hoyer posted up at a nearby table at the same restaurant to keep a close eye how Eubanks’ meet-cute was going.

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But when Georgia noticed Dawsyn wasn’t eating her food, she just had to say something:


Everyone wants and needs a friendship like this!

Dawsyn told Buzzfeed she ended up having to tell her date about her bestie’s antics because she just couldn’t stop laughing! LOLz!

We’re not sure if a second date ever came out of it, but we definitely know these two are friendship goals AF:

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[Image via @presleighdawsyn/Twitter.]

Feb 21, 2017 12:10pm PDT

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