Dominique Moceanu Speaks About Her Own Abuse Experience While Vocalizing Support For Gymnasts Who’ve Accused Dr. Larry Nassar Of Sexual Abuse!

Dominique Moceanu comments on 60 minutes piece

Dominique Moceanu is taking a stand!

During a 60 Minutes piece on Sunday, three former Team USA gymnasts — including Jamie Dantzscher, Jeannette Antolin, and Jessica Howard — came forward to detail the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar. The women claim they became Nassar’s victims while training at the Karolyi Ranch outside Houston, Texas.

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Not long after the special aired, Dominique issued a public statement on Facebook where she expressed her thoughts on her fellow gymnasts’ accusations. The gold-medal winning Olympian wrote:

Dominique Moceanu comments on 60 minutes piece

In case you forgot, Miz Moceanu previously accused coaches Bela and Martha Karolyi of emotional and physical abuse. Sadly, Moceanu did not receive proper support from the sport’s governing body when she first came out with her accusations. That would explain why she’s standing by Nassar’s victims today!

Although, we can’t imagine anyone would speak out against the ladies after hearing what the scandalized doctor allegedly did to them. While the women claim Larry inserted ungloved fingers in their vaginas and/or rectums when they were only teens, the Karolyis state they “were never aware” that Larry was practicing these procedures or “visiting athletes in their rooms without supervision.”

Be sure to watch the 60 Minutes coverage for yourself (below).

Of course, Dantzscher, Antolin, and Howard aren’t Nassar’s only victims as dozens of other athletes have similar accusations against the doctor. And, as of last Friday, Larry will stand trial on three sexual-assault charges, as well as on, child pornography charges. It’s said the controversial physician pled not guilty to the charges and is being held without bail.

As for USA Gymnastics, they’re clearly in crisis mode as they released several statements on Twitter about how they’ve helped “fulfill” young people’s dreams in a “safe environment” (below).

Smh. Our thoughts are with Nassar’s victims and any other athletes who have been taken advantage of during their quest for gold.

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Feb 21, 2017 4:29pm PDT

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