Chris Brown’s Neighbor Claims She Heard Karrueche Tran ‘Screaming At The Top Of Her Lungs’ While Allegedly Getting Beaten By The Singer! Read Her Twitter Testimony!

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Chris Brown can do no wrong in the eyes of his Loyal fans.

Earlier this week, the singer’s ex Karrueche Tran was granted a restraining order against him over claims that Brown threatened to kill her.

Even with a court order — and the 27-year-old’s well-documented history with abuse — some of Breezy’s backers insisted his ex was lying for attention.

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But singer Kay Cola is here to defend the model, claiming she heard the hip-hop star hitting Tran back when they were dating.

The 31-year-old went off on Brown in a Twitter tirade, claiming she lived underneath him at the time and called the police after hearing Tran “screaming at the top of her lungs.”

On Tuesday, she explained:

Holy shit! That sounds so scary!

The singer revealed she never spoke out about the abuse before because she “didn’t feel it was my place,” but felt the need to defend Tran to those calling her a liar, writing:

Well, she ain’t wrong!

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Kay concluded her Twitter testimony by telling Breezy’s fans to encourage him to get help instead of enable his actions with unconditional support, adding:

Cola also explained a bit more why she kept quiet for so long:

Wow. We’re glad Chris’ neighbor shed some light on the severity of the situation.

Only time will tell if the singer responds, but we have a feeling he won’t be taking responsibility for his actions anytime soon.

Do these new claims change YOUR feelings on the performer?

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Feb 22, 2017 6:21pm PDT

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