Jenna Jameson Says Muslims Are Worse Than The KKK In INTENSE Twitter Rant!

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Are you fucking for real, Jenna Jameson? (See what we did there?)

The retired porn star ignited a social media firestorm after a Twitter rant that began in support of Donald Trump turned into an attack on Muslims!

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The Zombie Strippers actress began speaking on Trump’s remarks about the rise of terror in Sweden due to the country’s unregulated immigration, and justified his immigrant ban by citing “Muslim rape gangs” in the country.

In the hours-long tirade, Jameson went off on the homophobic and sexist aspects of Islam, saying she disagrees with “an ideology that abuses women, kills gays, mutilates female children and murders apostates.”

She wrote:

Okay, Islamic views of homosexuality aren’t great — but it’s far from the only traditionally anti-LGBT religion out there.

While Jameson made some debate-worthy observations, her rant got more bizarre when she went as far to say that Ku Klux Klan members weren’t as bad as Muslims!

When one Twitter user pointed out there were Christian hate groups as well as Muslim hate groups, the 42-year-old replied:

Rotten apples and rotten oranges, girl! We think you probably can compare the stink…

Jameson’s disdain for the Islamic religion seemed to be rooted in her Jewish faith, as she converted to Judaism last year after getting engaged to Israeli jeweler Lior Bitton.

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Though she’s not wrong about some of the homophobia and sexism that exists out there, labeling an entire religion as evil is very dangerous — and will only lead to more division and hate.

Ch-ch-check out more of Jenna’s strong tweets (below):

What do U think of Jenna’s rant?

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Feb 22, 2017 1:54pm PDT

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