Longtime Newspaper Columnist Fired Over Fat Shaming Fellow Airplane Passenger!

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Alan Linda has been writing opinion pieces for the Fergus Falls Daily Journal for 30 years.

Or should we say, he HAD BEEN.

The longtime columnist has been fired after his most recent installment of “The Prairie Spy” went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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In his article, entitled “Taking notice of the size of people in today’s world,” Linda described how difficult it had been to ride in an airplane next to an overweight passenger, relaying the anecdote with all the sensitivity of an emergency landing.

The column was filled with quips like:

“And when a 300-plus guy has you effectively pinned in and you can’t even run for it, when they grimace at you, your first thought is: ‘Oh, man. He looks hungry.'”

Yeah. It’s like if Dave Barry was a huge asshole.

Well, if you’re offended you aren’t alone. After many readers wrote in, the paper’s editorial board announced in an editorial that they were dropping Linda, writing:

“Not only did this offend many of our readers, it offended us.

Bullying others is not OK. Body shaming is not OK. Racist views are not OK. Homophobia is not OK. The list goes on, but you get the picture. Let’s debate the issues, not make personal attacks on people.”

So sad that they have to explain that to someone.

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Afterwards, editor/publisher Tim Engstrom stood behind the decision, telling Minnesota’s Star Tribune:

“When you’re a community newspaper like the Daily Journal, you’re close to the community… I’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response over the decision. People say it’s the right thing to do.”

Well, there ya go.

How do YOU feel about the paper’s hardline stance on body shaming??

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Feb 22, 2017 8:51pm PDT

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