These Male Models Are Hot AF AND Just Saved Seven Kids From Drowning! Prepare To Swoon…

Models save kids from drowning.

They’re more than just pretty faces!

Two models joined a family of tourists to rescue seven teens who plunged into an icy pond in Central Park while playing around and taking selfies in New York Tuesday.

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Tourist Lourdes Cuevas and her family noticed the teens “playing” and “sliding” on the ice and then pausing to take a selfie. That’s when the ice collapsed and the teens fells into the cold water.

Cuevas’ daughter and husband used a ladder to help rescue the kids from the water, and two other Good Samaritans — models Bennett Jonas and Ethan Turnbull — joined the rescue efforts as well.

In an interview with CNN‘s sister network HLN, Turnbull said (in a sexy Aussie accent btw):

“It was only a matter of seconds and it went from playing, dancing around on the ice, taking selfies to actually being in the water. And the water was definitely pretty cold.”

Firefighter Eddie Long confirmed that most of the kids had already been removed from the water when the fire department arrived. Still, seven people were taken to the hospital in serious condition, treated for hypothermia, and expected to survive.

The models also appeared on Good Morning America where they again shared the story of their amazing rescue efforts! Hottie heroes!

Listen to Ethan and Bennett tell their story in their own words (below):

@ethanturnbull and I tonight went out to Skateboard around Central Park. Passing a frozen lake we saw a group of 6 kids go though the ice. We ran over and immediately we’re put in the toughest situation I think We will have to go through. 6 kids screaming for help being pulled down by each other, soaking backpacks and huge jackets. I had to make a decision to get in the middle of that or watch them drown. When I got about waist deep two of the kids jumped on top of me and pulled me under. I had to pick them both up and throw them to Ethan. I then grabbed a ladder and pulled the next 2 in. Behind them were two lifeless bodies that I knew I couldn’t get too. I swam out and grabbed the last two guys and was able to get them to shore and keep them alive. I feel humbled and grateful that God called me to be there tonight, I’m still shaking and am completely shook by what I experienced, but I’m alive and so are 6 other kids who got very lucky tonight.A post shared by @bennett_jonas on Feb 20, 2017 at 8:39pm PST

‘Right place right time’ – Fortunate enough to have been in the position to help multiple younger generation New Yorker’s today. With out the help of my Buddy @bennett_jonas the outcome of this event would have been much different. Thanks to all the friends and family that have checked in ├░┼╕╦£┼á NYC #helpingothers #nbc #nbc4ny @nbcnews @dailymailA post shared by ├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼├ó┬áΓé¼E T H A N. T. ├óΓÇ₧┬ó (@ethanturnbull) on Feb 20, 2017 at 8:47pm PST

[Image via Ethan Turnbull/Instagram.]

Feb 23, 2017 1:22am PDT

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