Donald Trump Will Take E-Bids From Construction Companies To Figure Out How To Build His Border Wall

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Let the golden curtain commence!

After almost a year of (figuratively) building it up, Donald Trump is (literally) ready to build his stupid fucking wall.

During his speech at CPAC on Friday, the president promised construction was “way ahead of schedule” — he just needs someone to design it, build it, and find a way to slip the bill under it so Mexico will pay.

The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection just posted notification that it will be accepting election bids for the multi-billion dollar project on March 6.

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According to the docs obtained by TMZ, first step of the two-stage process will be submitting a design for the wall (we’re envisioning a classy Atlantic City casino neon), and the second will be a full proposal.

Wait, so Trump has NOTHING drawn out yet? Have no design plans been made in the year since he made this dumbass campaign promise?

The department estimates the total cost will be $21.6 billion, and say they will be handing out contracts by mid-April.

How did we get here, again?

[Image via C-SPAN.]

Feb 24, 2017 5:24pm PDT

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