Storm Chasers Pay Incredible Tribute To Twister Star Bill Paxton

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Bill Paxton had a lot of iconic roles for film fans to fave — undersea explorer Brock from Titanic, hysterical space marine Hudson from Aliens, a-hole big brother Chet from Weird Science.

But for storm chasers, he’ll always be Bill Harding.

In the hit film Twister, Paxton gave the tornado hunting scientists their first depiction on the big screen — and it was a damn heroic one at that!

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So to pay tribute to the late actor, storm chasers from all over the country came together using Facebook to pay their respects in a very unique way — using their Spotter Network markers to spell out a special message.

See the entire awesome process (below):

Ultimately over 200 storm chasers formed the initials. And here’s the final result:

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[Image via Twitter/Warner Bros..]

Feb 27, 2017 4:34pm PDT

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