Can Someone PLEASE Teach Nicole Kidman How To Clap??? K, Thx, Bye!

nicole kidman clapping fail

What the what???

So much went down during Sunday’s Oscars ceremony, but surprisingly, the internet couldn’t stop focusing on one odd thing from the show… Nicole Kidman‘s clapping. No joke!

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Despite being one of the greatest actresses in Tinseltown, the A-lister clapped like she was using her hands for the very first time. Throughout most of the awards show, Keith Urban‘s wife either A) never let her palms make contact or B) only allowed the bottom parts of her hands to touch. What a weird way to clap, girl!

Of course, the internet had to chime in on this bizarre behavior, and lets just say the reviews aren’t very kind. Be sure to ch-ch-check out the best Twitter reactions for yourself (below)!

Perhaps Nic was just trying to protect her perfectly manicured nails? OR this may be some awards show industry trick we didn’t know existed? Nothing sucks more than having red raw hands from clapping too much. LOLz!

Regardless, we’ll be watching Miz Kidman’s hands VERY carefully at future Hollywood events. We promise!

[Image via ABC.]

Feb 27, 2017 10:48am PDT

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