Donald Trump Hasn’t Responded To Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Disses Yet — But Jr. Has!

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Jimmy Kimmel made a LOT of jokes at the President’s expense during the Oscars. He even tweeted right to him!

But despite Donald Trump‘s past proclivity for attacking the Academy Awards, he’s been surprisingly silent about it all.

However, there is a Trump willing to take the bait.

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Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter Monday morning to go after the Oscars not for their snipes but for their snafus.

He wrote:

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We find it interesting that Jr. cited a “failing NY Times” article for his jab.

The mistake he’s referring to is the one you probably didn’t notice — in which a photo of living producer Jan Chapman was mistakenly used in place of deceased costume designer Janet Patterson.

Yep, he tried to make it look like it wasn’t about the feud. But that was DEFINITELY about the feud.

Isn’t it weird how much a family of reality show stars with golden toilets hates the “Hollywood elite”?

[Image via ABC.]

Feb 27, 2017 3:33pm PDT

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