Here’s How You’re Supposed To Handle The Wrong Winner Being Announced At The Oscars

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We’ll never forget the historic mistake made at the Oscars with that whole La La Land/Moonlight fiasco.

However, the Best Picture mix-up of 2017 wasn’t the first time the wrong winner was announced at the Academy Awards!

The Academy made a similar blunder in 1964 during the Best Music Score category, but presenter Sammy Davis Jr. handled the situation much better than the seasoned Warren Beatty did on Sunday night.

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Back then, presenters were handed the winning envelope by an offstage handler right after announcing all the nominees.

That method didn’t bode well for Davis, who tore the envelope open to read the winner — John Addison for Tom Jones — before quickly returning to the podium to admit he was given the wrong envelope, quipping:

“Wait til the N.A.A.C.P. hears about this!”

Ha! If only Beatty said the same thing after his mishap!

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Unlike Sunday’s ceremony, the 1964 Academy swiftly corrected the mistake before the wrong winners were able to take the stage.

That makes this year’s fiasco all the more perplexing, as TWO La La Land producers had already made victory speeches by the time Academy reps handled the misstep.

We guess everyone was off their game from all that candy Jimmy Kimmel had parachuted into the auditorium?

Watch the vintage clip (below) to see Sammy Davis Jr. handle his mistake like a pro!

[Image via ABC/YouTube.]

Feb 27, 2017 12:50pm PDT

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