James Corden Recounts Oscars’ Best Picture Snafu In The Form Of Emma Stone’s La La Land Audition Scene — See All The Late Night Jokes!

Here’s to the ones who dream — wish is what the La La Land cast and crew hoped was the case when it was revealed Moonlight actually won at the Oscars!

The Best Picture mix-up was the subject of every late night monologue on Monday night, but nobody quite captured the emotion of the snafu better than James Corden.

Dressing up as Emma Stone in her Academy Award winning role, the Late Late Show host recreated Mia’s audition scene in Damien Chazelle‘s movie musical to tell a story — and it sure wasn’t about her aunt in Paris!

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Gives Play-By-Play On Oscars Mix-Up!

In the clip, Corden recounted the dramatic award show twist, detailing how the entire La La Land team “jumped on the stage, leapt without looking” — before their dreams died with a flicker.

Watch the hilarious spoof (above) — and see more late night takes on the Oscars mix-up (below)!

Corden broke down the incident in his monologue after that hilarious opening, turning the blame on the accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers — or, as he calls it “PricewaterhouseBloopers.”

After that punny joke failed, a writer ran out with an envelope of the “correct joke.” We see what you did there, James.

Stephen Colbert wanted us to let Warren Beatty off the hook on The Late Show, revealing what the presenter’s card actually said:

“Stall!!! We haven’t finished watching Moonlight yet. Whatever you do don’t let Faye Dunaway say La La Land.”

LOL, whoops!

Conan O’Brien also had some fun with the actual content of the cards during his monologue, showing the Best Picture card was more convoluted than the plot of a Best Picture nominated film.

One thing’s for sure, the Academy will never live this shit down!

Feb 28, 2017 11:37am PDT

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