Ryan Murphy’s Next Feud Is Way More Controversial — Prince Charles Vs. Princess Diana!

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From Hollywood royalty to actual royalty!

Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming miniseries Feud: Bette and Joan finally makes its high profile debut this weekend.

And while Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange playing feuding movie stars is everything a Murphy fan could want, season two is promising to be even more contentious!

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FX has ordered a follow up to the upcoming anthology series — and this time Murphy and co. are tackling the story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana!

The beloved royal couple were married from 1981-1996, though their marriage became the center of media attention around the world when allegations of affairs surfaced in the early ‘90s.

The Princess of Whales, mother to Prince William and Prince Harry, infamously died in a 1997 car crash.

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However, Feud’s second season isn’t Murphy’s only upcoming miniseries with high-profile subjects.

The producer revealed that the fourth season of American Crime Story will potentially tackle Bill Clinton‘s White House affair with Monica Lewinsky, and season 7 of American Horror Story will center around the 2016 election (though it won’t actually feature Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.)

It looks like no public figure with a major scandal is safe during the reign of the prolific TV producer!

Feud: Charles and Diana will debut in 2018 — and Feud: Bette and Joan premieres this Sunday on FX!

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Feb 28, 2017 2:44pm PDT

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