Controversial Oscars Viral Star ‘Gary From Chicago’ Tells His Story: ‘I’m Not Some Monster’

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When Gary Coe and his fianc├â┬⌐e Vicki Vines got on a Hollywood tour bus, they had no idea they’d be meeting real A-listers in the front row of the Oscars, live on national TV.

They also didn’t realize the ghosts of their pasts would become brand new scandals.

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After news broke that “Gary from Chicago” had just gotten out of prison after serving 20 years for theft — and attempted rape — he quickly found his fame turning into infamy.

But in a new interview with Inside Edition, the ex-convict is telling his side. And he wants America to know something:

“That I’m not a monster. I’m a changed man. That I’ve made mistakes. That I am really remorseful and ashamed of when I was a teenager but now I am 59 years old and a changed man.”

Because of the rape charge, Gary specifically wanted to speak to the women out there whose view of him might be forever tarnished:

“For all of those women affected by my past, Gary is a changed man. People saw the real me there. I respect women. I’m not some monster.”

Do YOU think Gary should be given a second chance after paying his debt to society?

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As for Vicki, she has a message for America as well:

“I would not go there looking like I’m looking if I’d have known I was going to see Denzel Washington [or] get kissed by [Ryan Gosling] … oh my goodness!”


See the whole interview with the Oscars’ surprise stars (below)!

Mar 1, 2017 6:55pm PDT

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