Ariana Grande Shockingly Defends A Fan Who Crashed The Stage At Her Concert! Watch!

ariana grande fan rushes the stage

Ariana Grande is a pro at dealing with superfans!

The pop star proved this fact to be true during her recent concert in Philadelphia for her Dangerous Woman Tour. Apparently, while Ari G was singing her song Moonlight, a fan decided it was a good idea to rush the stage. It’s said the unwelcome guest was on the platform for about 30 seconds before anyone of importance realized he was up there!

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Obviously, the Everyday singer’s security guards were quick to pounce on the intruder once they realized what was going on. Eek.

However, it’s Miz Grande’s reaction to the situation which might surprise you. Rather than turn on the over eager fan, the 23-year-old ordered her bodyguards to “chill out” and to be “careful” with the onstage crasher. Awwww!

Thankfully, video footage of the entire situation has dropped on Twitter (below).

Intense stuff. We’re honestly so impressed with Ariana’s calm demeanor, especially since she’s had a lengthy history of dealing with a stalker.

Remember, folks, just because you purchased a ticket doesn’t mean you’re entitled to taking the stage. A tip from us to you!

[Image via Instagram.]

Mar 2, 2017 9:43am PDT

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