Jeff Sessions Recused Himself From Russia Investigation — But Twitter Is More Worried ‘Bout Dat Green Solo Cup! WHUT??

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Another day, another Donald Trump team member who hid conversations with Russian agents.

In case you didn’t feel like sitting through 15 minutes of Attorney General Jeff Sessions answering important legal questions with “I don’t recall” during his recusal announcement — and we do not blame you — you may have missed the REAL scandal.

Why was he drinking out of a GREEN SOLO CUP??

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That’s what Twitter wants to know. Reactions to the odd choice of drinking implement range from bewilderment to offense to some really fun conspiracy theories.

(Our personal guess? The man’s name is Jefferson Beauregard; that was def a mint julep in there!)

Drink deep from the best viral reactions to the strange sips (below)!

Others had more sinister theories…

Even the cup itself had something to say:

Ha! What’s YOUR theory on the green solo cup??

Mar 2, 2017 6:08pm PDT

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