Watch Out, Hallie! Hunter Biden’s Ex Kicked Him Out For Acting Inappropriately!

hunter biden divorce details

Someone PLEASE give Joe Biden and his family a reality TV show!

As we previously reported, Hunter Biden has fallen in love with his deceased brother Beau‘s widow, Hallie Biden, amid his own separation to his wife, Kathleen. No joke.

And while the Biden family seems on board with this totally bananas situation, new information surrounding Hunter’s split from Kathleen has come to light. Oooh, do tell!

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According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Kathleen formally separated from the father of her children back in October 2015. In fact, the twosome have been living apart ever since. But what happened?? Well, we’ll tell you!

The paperwork states Mrs. Hunter Biden first asked her husband to leave on July 5, 2015 “due to his conduct the night before.” Again, what did he do??

While the docs didn’t specify what exactly Joe’s son did, it did claim that the former flames had an agreement that if Hunter participated in the unknown “conduct” he’d have to leave their family home. Whoa.

To make matters worse, the paperwork states that the 47-year-old’s conduct created situations which were “unsafe or traumatic for the parties’ children” and that his judgment was “frequently impaired.” Oof.

Not to mention, Hunter allegedly has a bit of a spending problem. We find the couple’s October separation date pretty fascinating as that was about two months after the lawyer was accused of being caught up in the Ashley Madison scandal. At the time, Hunter denied the allegations.

Currently, Kathleen is only seeking sole physical and legal custody of their youngest child, since her two oldest kids aren’t minors anymore. However, Mr. Biden is vying for a joint custody arrangement.

Drama, drama, dramaaaaa.

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Mar 2, 2017 3:27pm PDT

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