Mike Pence Used A Private Email Account For Official Business As Governor Of Indiana — And Celebs Can’t Handle It!

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Like everyone on Donald Trump‘s campaign, Mike Pence spent most of the election ripping on Hillary Clinton for using a private email server.

Well, now the Vice President is looking like a big ol’ Washington hypocrite because it was revealed he used a private AOL account for official business when he was the Governor of Indiana!

And according to public records, the account was hacked and used to send fake emails asking for money from his address book!

*Excuse us while we cringe to the sound of ‘90s dial-up internet*

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The Indianapolis Star reports that it obtained 29 pages of email records from current Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb‘s office, which show Pence used the account to communicate with advisers about issues like homeland security in Indiana.

It’s worth noting public officials ARE allowed to use personal email accounts under Indiana law, as long as they save any emails related to official political business in accordance with open records laws.

A Pence spokesperson said the VP complied with that requirement. Unlike Clinton’s server, however, it took a lot less than Vladimir Putin WikiLeaks to hack Pence’s account.

The AOL account was compromised by a standard phishing attack in the late spring of 2016, which came to knowledge when everyone in his contacts list received emails that the governor and his wife were stranded in the Philippines and needed money.

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When Pence’s account was compromised, he shut it down and switched to a more secure system.

In response to reports about the personal email account, the VP’s press secretary Marc Lotter said Pence “maintained a state email account and a personal email account,” just as other governors had done.

As for where those emails are now, Lotter said Pence made sure they were reviewed and “properly archived by the state” as he prepared to work in Washington.

Still, critics couldn’t help but point out the irony of Pence blasting Clinton for using a private server when he did the same with his own AOL account! Also, AOL…? Really?

Ch-ch-check out some celeb reactions below!

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Mar 3, 2017 12:08pm PDT

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