Prince Harry Must REALLY Like Meghan Markle — Find Out About The Latest Big Relationship Step They’re Taking!

meghan markle prince harry wedding jamaica trip

Damn, this is serious.

Prince Harry always seemed like the kind of guy who might stay single forever, but Meghan Markle has certainly made him settle down — yup, no more nudie Vegas pics.

Now, our fave former bad boy is taking a HUGE step in his romance by attending a wedding with his lovely lady! Sure, it might not seem like that big of news, but these ceremonies are HUGE for couples because Harry is risking Meg getting all those goopy wedding feels and wanting one of her own.

Maybe he’s hoping that happens???

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It could be, as it’s said he’s taking Meghan to Jamaica for the wedding of his friend Tom “Skippy” Inskip and literary agent Lara Hughes-Young. And considering how low-key the lovebirds have been, this is a surprising and delightful public outing.

The Suits actress reportedly made her way to Jamaica on Thursday, but kept the whole thing “secret.” Well, clearly secrets spill since we all know about this adventure!

We’re sure the two will have a wonderful trip together, and we’re hoping pics might even slip out of them all dolled up and looking sooooo in love!

And then who knows, maybe we’ll finally get another royal wedding!

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Mar 3, 2017 12:20pm PDT

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