Rapper Too Short Is Reportedly Being Investigated For Rape

too short investigated rape

Too Short is in some SERIOUSLY hot water right now.

On Friday, it was reported that the rapper is now a suspect in a rape case. It’s said the alleged victim is one of the producer’s prot├â┬⌐g├â┬⌐es, who has collaborated with the industry vet on videos and other projects.

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According to TMZ, the woman claims she was sexually attacked by Too Short on November 1 while at a residence in El Lay. To make matters worse, the complainant says she in no way gave consent as she’s a virgin. The unnamed up-and-comer also defended that just because her videos are racy, it doesn’t mean she’d allow Too Short’s behavior.

Unfortunately, the victim waited a month after the alleged incident went down before heading to the cops — and we have a feeling this will be a point her naysayers fixate on. In fact, sources close to Short state the Blow The Whistle artist is vehement he never slept with his prot├â┬⌐g├â┬⌐e. These same sources also revealed that the unnamed woman was on Short’s record label, but was recently dropped.

It seems they’re suggesting the woman concocted the allegations as revenge for being cut from the label. Supposedly, the musician asked to be put back on the label not long after she filed her complaint — a move Short views as extortion.

Intense stuff.

Since the woman’s complaint was filed back awhile back, we’re shocked to learn that Short still hasn’t spoken to the cops. He must have one solid lawyer.

Be sure to stay tuned for any and all updates on this troubling case!

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Mar 3, 2017 9:42am PDT

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